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“He who represents himself has a fool for a client”  ~ President Abraham Lincoln ~

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Facing criminal charges can be a uniquely terrifying experience. Whether charged with a Misdemeanor, DUI, Theft or Drug charge, your Liberty Interests and Constitutional Rights are immediately at risk. That risk is substantially increased in the case of Felony offenses, where bail has likely already been set in your case. How your criminal case is handled can have dangerous and disruptive ramifications to your Liberty and Rights in the immediate present as well as for years to come due to the numerous repercussions of having a criminal record. In the case of “Felons”, that title can plague a defendant, not only for years, but in some cases, even for life.

A lawyer may be able to help you protect your rights in San Diego, CA, by explaining your options, helping you understand the law, and working with you on your defense. The Law Offices of David Bryson offers personal attention at competitive rates. We’ll work closely with you throughout the legal process so that you can make more informed decisions regarding your future.

We have convenient appointments with potentially insightful consultations available seven days a week. Our firm is ready to tackle a range of legal problems, and we’ll maintain open communication with you to minimize surprises. Our attorney is ready to provide you with guidance and to represent you in matters regarding:

         *  DUI Charges

         *  Misdeameanor Charges

         *  Felony Charges

         *  Murder Charges 

         *  And More!

You may feel overwhelmed by the legal process, but you don’t have to work through the system alone. Who you have representing your interests to the Prosecutor, the Judge and the Jury directly determines the outcome of your case. David Bryson handled thousands of cases during his former years as a Public Defender in our State's Capitol. That experience is priceless in representing each and every one of our clients and their interests during every stage of court proceedings.

David Bryson represents people across the Greater San Diego area. Give us a call when you need a lawyer. At the Law Offices of David Bryson, you may be able to benefit from our potentially insightful consultations and excellent customer service.